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Protecting Your Environment

When you hire GETCO, you not only hire experienced geologists, engineers, and scientists, but also field savvy technicians who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Whether operating our company-owned drill rigs, digging through records in the county map room, designing remedial action plans, or scouring the fine print in the latest EPA regulations, our staff stays intimately involved in your project from inception to completion. This practice eliminates margin for error, increases accountability, and ensures that you and your company steer clear of the pitfalls associated with a complex environmental industry.

When you decide to hire an environmental consultant, hire one that can protect the environment - and your interests. Hire GETCO. At GETCO, we recognize that whether our client is a large corporation or a small family shop, there is a certain amount of anxiety that comes with hiring an environmental consulting firm. In a business that uses terms like "unknowns" and "contamination" and seems to have an acronym for every situation, we can see why. We feel that it is our responsibility to ease the anxiety of the clients we serve by keeping them involved and updated during all phases of work. From initial consultation, to investigation, to final reporting, you will be kept apprised, in plain English, every step of the way.  

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