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Voluntary Action Program (Brownfields)

Ohio's Voluntary Action Program (VAP), signed into law in December 1996, encourages people to redevelop and reuse land that is contaminated by hazardous materials or petroleum. The amount of cleanup required for a particular property depends on the future use of the property.

GETCO, Inc. has demonstrated a commitment to the implementation of the Voluntary Action Program and Brownfield regulations to tailor the cleanup of a given property to the future use of the property. Thomas Gillespie, President of GETCO, Inc., obtained certification from the Ohio EPA to operate as a Certified Professional. Following compliance with all program requirements that certify that a property has been cleaned to acceptable standards, the Certified Professional may submit a request for "No Further Action" to the appropriate regulatory agency. Upon receipt of No Further Action status, a Covenant Not to Sue can be issued by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to the property owner. The covenant not to sue protects the property owner from state civil liability associated with the cleanup.

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