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Phase III Environmental Site Assessments - Remedial Action Planning and Implementation

Following completion of subsurface investigation activities, remedial activities may be warranted. GETCO, Inc. has completed numerous remedial action plans, many of which have been submitted to various regulatory agencies for approval. GETCO, Inc. works closely with the client during the development of the remedial action plan with the ability to provide several options to achieve cleanup levels defined by regulatory agencies.

GETCO, Inc. considers various remedial alternatives prior to selection of a specific technology. Factors that are considered when choosing a remedial technology include the subsurface lithology, the permeability of the soils, the physical and biological parameters within the subsurface environment, as well as budgetary and time constraints. GETCO, Inc. possesses experience completing pilot studies, which may be warranted to determine the feasibility of a particular remedial technology and to provide information for design of a full-scale treatment system.

GETCO, Inc. provides a wide range of remediation services in response to releases of contaminants to the environment. GETCO, Inc. is specialized in the development and implementation of in-situ and ex-situ remedial technologies, including but not limited to, the following:

bullet Soil Excavation, Transportation and Disposal;
bullet Dual Phase Soil Vapor/Groundwater Extraction;
bullet In-situ Bioventing;
bullet In-situ and Ex-situ Bioremediation (Landfarming);
bullet Groundwater and Product Recovery Systems;
bullet Groundwater Treatment Systems;
bullet Neutralization Technologies;
bullet Soil Solidification;
bullet Metals Decontamination;
bullet Asbestos Abatement and Encapsulation;
bullet PCB Decontamination; and
bullet Long-term Monitoring.

For each project GETCO, Inc. has demonstrated the ability to utilize available technical expertise and operational knowledge to identify, evaluate, and solve various environmental problems. GETCO, Inc.'s strategy consists of an integration of this knowledge with an appreciation for regulatory, social and financial considerations, and an identification and implementation of a tailored solution for each project.

GETCO, Inc. has implemented numerous remediation projects involving hazardous and nonhazardous soil and groundwater contamination. The remediation projects include the excavation and disposal of petroleum and metal contaminated soils, in-situ groundwater treatment, soil vapor extraction, in-situ bioremediation, ex-situ bioremediation, air sparging, acid neutralization, and soil solidification. GETCO, Inc. has received "No Further Action" status from state and federal environmental agencies on numerous Phase III remediation projects.

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