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Underground Storage Tank Management

GETCO, Inc. provides underground storage tank (UST) services with technical expertise and practical solutions for all phases of a UST management program, from tank closure to long term remedial action programs. UST services include, but are not limited to, the following:


UST Removal/Closure;


UST Installation and Upgrades;


Initial Corrective Actions and Site Check;


Site Characterization;


Tiered Site Assessments;


Risk Assessments;


Remedial Plan Development and Implementation;


Regulatory Notification and Recordkeeping; and


Financial Assurance Fund Claim Submission.

GETCO, Inc. completes UST closures in accordance with Division of State Fire Marshal Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) requirements pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 1301:7-9-12. The permanent removal, abandonment, initiation of a change in service, or replacement of UST systems is supervised by an installer certified pursuant to OAC 1301: 7-9-11 and no removal activities are performed without the presence of a certified UST inspector.

Construction services associated with UST closure include all necessary permits, labor, all required excavation equipment necessary to remove the UST systems, cold cutting, confined space entry, and cleaning of tank interiors, containerization of any waste products, transportation and disposal of USTs, and backfill material in amount equal to the UST volumes. No more than 12 inches of native soils are removed from the side walls or bottom of tank cavity excavations, piping trenches, dispensing unit areas, or remote fill pipe trenches without the prior approval of the fire marshal. If water is encountered, then the water is completely evacuated and transported offsite for disposal in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Environmental services performed as part of UST closure activities include soil sampling, analysis, and written closure report preparation in accordance with regulatory requirements. Sampling activities include extraction and field screening of soil samples as per section 1301: 7-9-12 of the BUSTR regulations. Samples are collected from below each end of each UST, from side walls of the excavation cavity, from soil stockpiles generated during UST removal activities, below each dispenser location, along product lines, and below remote fill pipe areas. If water recharges from surrounding soils into the tank cavity excavation, then a water sample is collected in lieu of soil sampling.

GETCO, Inc. has substantial experience with the installation and operation of product and groundwater recovery systems, as well as a wide range of in-situ and ex-situ soil remediation technologies, for the remediation of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from releases from UST systems.

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