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Risk Assessments

GETCO, Inc. has demonstrated experience in performing assessments of risks associated with exposure to various contaminants of concern. Risk assessments are performed, as a minimum, in accordance with the following documents: Ohio EPA Closure Plan Review Guidance; U.S. EPA Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund: Volume I - Human Health Evaluation Manual, U.S. EPA Guidance for Exposure Assessment; U.S. EPA Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund: Volume II. Environmental Evaluation Manual; ARARs Guidance and U.S. EPA Superfund Exposure Assessment Manual. The Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) and the Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables (HEAST) are valuable resources that are used to assist in determining the toxicities of various compounds.

The risk assessment generally consists of an identification of the hazard; a dose-response (toxicity) assessment; an exposure assessment; a characterization of risk based on the outputs of the exposure and toxicity assessments; and a development of conclusions indicating the actions that would be necessary to protect human health.

The goal of the risk assessments consist of an establishment of health-based standards by addressing all potential routes of exposure to humans. Ultimately, the assessments seek to document that the contaminants that are left in place in soils will not adversely impact any environmental media, and that direct contact, inhalation or ingestion will not result in a threat to human health.

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